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Looking for temporary work? Join our staff bank!

Join our temporary staff bank

Our temporary staff bank offers a flexible way of working and some of the best temporary rates of pay for clinical NHS staff in the local area.

You could work for a day a week, a week at a time, or for a number of months. Many of our bank workers find temporary working to be more suitable to their lifestyle and needs. Bank working could also be your main method of working, or a secondary role. 

New and improved pay rates for Band 5 and Band 6 clinical staff

To ensure we offer some of the most competitive temporary rates for NHS staff, from July 2017 we are now paying our Band 5 and Band 6 clinical bank staff at the following hourly rates:  

  • Band 5: £17.27 per hour

  • Band 6: £21.08 per hour

All other bank staff will be paid at the relevant grade for the post/ work being undertaken.       

A range of exciting roles within the trust

Our temporary staff bank offers a range of roles – from Band 3 administrators and healthcare assistants, to Band 5 community nurses, Band 6 health visitors and physiotherapists, and Band 7 matrons and senior physiotherapists.  

Benefits of working on our bank:

Staff bank working will suit you if:

  • You are looking for more flexible working to help you achieve a better work/life balance 

  • You wish to work in an area where there are no current permanent roles 

  •  You want to earn extra money 

  • You want to work for us without committing  to a permanent role 

  • You are returning to work after a career break or wishing to continue to work post retirement.

The benefits of working for the staff bank include:

  • Choice of bank shifts

  • Flexible work opportunities to suit you – either full or part time

  • To be treated as an internal applicant when applying for permanent roles

  • Paid annual leave pro-rata to hours worked

  • Competitive rates of pay

  • Option to join NHS pension scheme

  • A starting point for those who need to gain experience in different work areas

  • Students can work through holiday periods

  • A challenging worthwhile role giving you the opportunity to balance work with other interests and commitments

Sign up to our staff bank today! 

Sign up today for flexible working opportunities to suit you.

If you are interested in joining our temporary bank, please have a look at our current vacancies or alternatively email hrch.bankagency@nhs.net to find out more.

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