Wheelchair Hub

Easter holiday opening times

Please be aware, the Wheelchair Hub will be closed from 5pm on 14 April and will open again on 19 of April.

The out of hours emergency repair service will operate 10am-2pm on Good Friday and Easter Monday, 9am to 5pm on Saturday 16 April, and closed for Easter Sunday.

Please leave a brief message with your name and number and we will get back to you - 020 3771 5990.

The Wheelchair Hub - the wheelchair service for Hounslow

About the service

The Wheelchair Hub provides a comprehensive wheelchair, seating and sleep system service for people with long-term mobility problems and associated postural needs.

Service users must be registered with an NHS Hounslow GP.  The assessment is holistic and takes into consideration disability, environment, lifestyle and safety factors.  

The service offers assessment to children and adults for provision of manual and powered wheelchairs, specialist children's buggies and associated supportive seating to meet postural and pressure care needs. 

First referrals need to be completed and submitted by a GP or any other healthcare professional working with the service user. Once in our system, service users can then access the service directly.

Once equipment is provided, The Wheelchair Hub provides continuing support, reviews service users' needs and maintains equipment.   

The Hub provides a single, streamlined service for all aspects of wheelchair care: 

  • Wheelchair and posture assessment, equipment and review
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Sleep system service  

Watch our video about coming to the Wheelchair Hub

Coming to the Wheelchair Hub from Communications Team on Vimeo.

symmsleep 1.jpgWe now offer sleep systems to local children and adults in Hounslow, as part of the new 24-hour postural management to service users.

Sleep systems enable patients to maintain good posture while sleeping, helping to prevent deformities from occurring and improving the patient’s health and quality of life.  The sleep systems provided by the trust are tailored to the needs of the user - creating a moulded shape around the body to support the patient in a well aligned posture overnight. 

Research has shown that sleep systems provide:

  • Management or prevention of pressure ulcers in bed
  • Postural management and improved comfort during sleep
  • Improved sleep quality for those using the sleep systems
  • Increased sleep for carers due to the improved sleep of their family member.
Refer to our service if your service user requires:
  • Long term complex postural management e.g. contractures, deformity, asymmetric posture either developing or present.
  • End of life care e.g. for posture management and comfort.
  • Pressure management / care to assist in preventing the development of pressure ulcers or as part of the healing process.

What we provide  

  • An assessment service for sleep systems, posture management and mobility with our multi-disciplinary team.
  • Prescription and provision of sleep system equipment from our dedicated budget, with no cost to your service.  

How to refer 

  • Hounslow Wheelchair Service provides sleep systems for both children and adults of all ages, who are registered with a Hounslow GP.
  • Initial referrals should be made by a health or social care professionals only. Re-referrals also accepted from service users.
  • To refer a patient, download the referral form or contact the service on 020 3771 5990

Related resources:

In 2014 the Wheelchair and Posture Management Service were shortlisted for an HSJ award for their Pilot Study to study the impact of  Sleep Systems for local people in HOUNSLOW requiring additional posture support in their beds.

This provided the evidence required to develop the Sleep System service which launched in August 2015.

Christmas opening

The Wheelchair Hub will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day

Opening times over the festive period are:

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Emergency call out service to 5pm
Boxing Day: Emergency call out service between 10am and 2pm.

Normal emergency hours to 8pm for all other days.

We’d like to wish all our service users a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Contact us directly on:  

T: 020 3771 5990  

The Wheelchair Hub team is based in Hounslow.

Map and directions  

The Admin Hub

  • Sharmila Vedantam - Operational Support Services and Systems Coordinator
  • Jas Suman – Senior Administrator 
  • Harpreet Sembhi - Administrator

The Clinical Hub

  • Sarah Brown – Clinical Services Manager
  • Nicola Aburto – Clinical Specialist
  • Elizabeth Bailey – Specialist Wheelchair Therapist
  • Roshni Vekaria – Wheelchair Therapist
  • 6 monthly rotation - Band 5 Occupational Therapist. 

The Technical Hub

  • Jim Clarke – Rehabilitation Engineer Manager
  • Derek Cartwright – Mobility Technician
  • Bart Burchacki – Mobility Technician
  • Chris Clarke – Mobility Technician (warehouse) 

New referrals:

First referral needs to be from a GP or other Healthcare Professional working with the service user. Subsequent contact can be via self referral.

To request an assessment for a wheelchair please complete the wheelchair services referral form.

To ensure that referrals are dealt with promptly please ensure that all fields are completed.

People already known to the service:

You can call, email or use the referral form provided.

Telephone: 020 3771 5990
Email: wheelchair.hub@nhs.net