Physiotherapy - Adults (Richmond)

Video consultations

Where available, you can attend your consultation online via a video call. 

Video calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication. It can save you time and brings your care closer to home.

_DSC3661 - Copy.JPGOur adult musculoskeletal physiotherapy service in Richmond provides specialist Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and management advice for patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including: 

  • Neck and back pain

  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Orthopaedic post-op management
  • Acute and Chronic muscular and skeletal conditions
  • Rheumatology conditions  

We also provide a women’s health service which offers specialist assessment, treatment and management advice for clients presenting with: musculoskeletal pregnant and post natal problems, female continence and gynaecological problems. 

_DSC3636 - Copy.JPGOnce referred to our musculoskeletal services, you will be assessed by a fully qualified and state registered physiotherapist. Together with your physiotherapist, you will then decide on the most appropriate management and plan a course of treatment which may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Manual therapy
  • Pain management
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Long term self-management strategies.  

We also offer group rehabilitation classes as well as one to one sessions.  

Our staff are highly trained and include clinical specialist physiotherapists.

We are able to offer appointments at a range of locations across the borough.

  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: useful information about common conditions, exercise advice, keeping healthy at work, and much more
  • Shoulderdoc: patient information and professional educational material on shoulder pain and treatments.
  • NHS Choices - Couch to 5k: A running plan for beginners  
  • Ark-UK: a national charity helping parents and healthcare professionals through antenatal screening and its consequences.
  • The Pain Relief Foundation:  a UK charity which funds research into the causes and treatment of human chronic pain and is concerned with education of health professionals about pain management.
  • Strength and Flex exercise plan: week by week - a week-by-week workout plan - with links to video clips of the five-week Strength and Flex exercise plan for beginners.

Phone and email - admin office:

Tel:  020 8714 4019  (Phone lines are open from 8.30am to 4.30pm) 

Please note we are unable at present to book appointments via email.

Address - central booking office:

Physiotherapy Department
Teddington Memorial Hospital
Hampton Road
TW11 0JL

Treatment Locations

Patients who live in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames can receive MSK physiotherapy treatment at the following locations: 


Click here to see all our Richmond physiotherapy sites on the Google Maps website.

MSK Clinical Service Manager

  • James Pain

Advanced Practitioner- Richmond

  • Lisa Palmer
  • Devendra Kumar
  • Ellie Pearce

MSK Physio 7 - Richmond

  • Lauren Johnson
  • Emily Summer
  • Charlotte Butcher
  • Grethe Larsen

MSK Physio 6- Richmond

  • Phoebe Cassedy
  • Ali Gibson
  • Charlotte Potter
  • Sarah Biffen
  • Maddy Burke
  • Gaby E’Silva
  • Rose Fernando
  • Amy Caswell
  • Penny Colloff
  • Charlotte Allen (maternity leave)

Woman’s Health - Richmond

  • Janine Shaw

Woman’s Health – Hounslow

  • Sian Knight
  • Lamaan Pryce

Advanced Practitioner Hounslow

  • Chris Butt
  • Becky Lydon
  • Paul Knight
  • Rebecca Fyffe
  • Nikki Kelly

FCP – Hounslow

  • Chetan Patel
  • Harriet Trewhella
  • Diana Kealing
  • Aileen Robinson
  • Sergio Cordosa

Pain Management – Hounslow

  • Leoni Luk
  • Suzie Levy
  • Paul Knight
  • Nicola Kelly

Hand Therapy Unit – Hounslow

  • Claire Clark
  • Nina Anderson
  • Toria Jay
  • Corri Chella
  • Lisa Garrity

MSK Physio 7 – Hounslow

  • Richard Lill
  • Reena Patel
  • Sumeer Bhamm
  • Raziya Bedford
  • Pablo Froglia
  • Taneesha Dhillon
  • Claire Cason
  • Alex Lakos

MSK Physio 6- Hounslow

  • Nikhil Dhupelia
  • Mohammed Mohammed
  • Khaled Afifi
  • Monica Sharma
  • May Alsop
  • Michael Lambert
  • Darren Holmes
  • Tom Middleton
  • Emese Balogh
  • Lisa Garrity
  • Kate O’Sullivan
  • Simon Shaw
  • Jack Watson
  • Nicola Wiszniewska

MSK Band 5 – Hounslow

  • Alan Cuddy
  • Shareif Kalil

* All MSK physiotherapy staff are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MSCP) and members of the Health Professions Council (HPC). All members attend regular training to help ensure we offer an evidence based, quality service.  

To be referred to this service, the client must be: 

  • Registered with a Richmond GP
  • Aged16 years and over
  • Have a written referral from an agreed health care practitioner
  • Have a musculoskeletal problem
  • Able to attend one of the outpatient clinic departments.  

We cannot see clients who are: 

  • Under 16 years of age
  • Requiring treatment for a non-musculoskeletal problem
  • Requiring acupuncture for pain management only
  • Patients with a diagnosis of moderate dementia
  • Main complaint is Myalgic Encephalopathy / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Please see the 'Contact us' tab for the relevant contact information to refer clients to the Richmond service.

Opening hours:    

We offer appointments at: 

  • Teddington Memorial Hospital between 8am - 6pm 
  • All other Richmond sites between 8am - 5pm