Continence, bladder and bowel

Our nurse-led Continence Service provides an integrated bladder and bowel dysfunction service to all adult patients registered with Hounslow and Richmond GP practices.

The service provides three main activities for patients:

  •  Provision of community-based specialist continence and bladder and bowel dysfunction (BBD) clinics - aimed at continence promotion, improvement or resolution of the health complaint.

  • Provision of NHS incontinence products for patients unsuitable for active treatment, or who have failed to respond to active treatment (including care homes).

  • Telephone advice, education and support for the local community and healthcare/social care services.

Continence-trained nurses provide several outpatient clinics across Hounslow and Richmond Boroughs, where patients are assessed, investigated and treated. The service covers a wide range of urological, gynaecological, colorectal and continence problem.

  • Urinary frequency, urgency, nocturia (waking up at night time), urgency incontinence, stress incontinence, nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), passive incontinence, reflex incontinence

  • Mild to moderate vaginal/anal prolapses

  • Perineal tears (i.e. third degree tear)

  • Lower urinary tract symptoms

  • Recurrent female urinary tract infections/cystitis advice

  • Day/night time polyuria advice (passing too much urine)

  • Constipation, faecal urgency, faecal incontinence, chronic diarrhoea, diverticular disease and irritable bowel syndrome advice

  • Catheter-related complications for urethral, suprapubic, intermittent catheters

  • Trials without catheters

  • Management of catheter complications advice 

The continence/BBD service provides a wide range of useful diagnostic tools to formulate diagnosis of the health complaint.

  • A wide range of charts and patient-questionnaires

  • Bladder volume and residual urine ultrasound measurements

  • Uroflow traces and interpretation

  • Urinalysis

  • Bloods requests

  • Direct referrals for specific ultrasonic investigations

  • Urine microscopy/culture/sensitivity requests

  • Biofeedback (both as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool)

The Continence service provide a wide range of interventions aimed at curing or improving the bladder/bowel complaint.

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises with or without aids (i.e. vaginal cones)

  • Intra-urethral devices

  • Basic electrical stimulation and biofeedback

  • Bladder retraining (or bladder drill)

  • Advice on lifestyle, fluids, weight loss, skin care

  • Advice on bladder emptying techniques

  • Advice on prevention of female recurrent urinary infections

  • Advice on toileting regimes

  • Advice on night time problems

  • Teaching intermittent catheterisation

  • Advice on the management of indwelling (long-term) catheters including drainage systems, valves etc.

  • Advice on the prevention of catheter associated infections and other complications

  • Advice on management of small/moderate prolapses

  • Independent prescribing in partnership/on behalf of GPs

  • Advice regarding a wide range of incontinence gadgets and appliances for men and women

We also manage the provision of NHS incontinence products (pads) for the local community and provide nurse-led continence clinics for patients seeking NHS incontinence products provision.

We provide continence services and incontinence products to all patients living in residential homes. Nursing home continence services are provided in the borough of Hounslow only.

The Continence Service works in close partnership with urological, gynaecological consultants, women health/musculoskeletal physiotherapists.

The Continence Service provides direct referrals to some consultants and liaises directly with GPs and other services for feedback/further treatment advice as required by individual circumstances.

The Continence Service holds clinics in the London boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond:

Hounslow borough clinics location

  • Brentford Health Centre
  • Heart of Hounslow

Richmond borough clinics location

  • Teddington Memorial Hospital
  • Richmond Rehabilitation Unit

Always contact the Continence Service Administrative Office: 020 8714 4086 or 4085 

An answering machine records messages when our administrative team are on the phone or away from the desk. If the machine is on, please leave your:

  • firstName and last name (spell any difficult words)
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • NHS number
  • Brief reason for your call

Adminstrative office address:
Teddington Memorial Hospital
Hampton Road
TW11 0JL


  • Karin Boyton, Team Lead, Specialist clinics, Hounslow and Richmond GP patients 
  • Julie Munro, Bank Continence Nurse, Catheter clinics, Hounslow and Richmond GP patients
  • Anthony McCarthy, Continence Health Care Assistant
  • Lumi Iftene, Continence Nurse Specialist Clinics, Hounslow and Richmond GP patients
  • Amrit Mangat, Lead Administrator
  • Elizabeth Foster, Administrator
  • Jessica Lebert, Administrator
  • Ita White, Administrator

Patients registered with either Hounslow or Richmond GPs can be referred to this service, by:

Contacting Hounslow and Richmond Single Point of Access (SPA) service on 020 8630 3943/1442


The Single Point of Access referral form can be downloaded directly from the Single Point of Access webpage 

Directly to the service by letter, or using the Continence Service's referral form

Administrative office:

  • Our administrative services operate Monday to Friday, 9am–4pm 


  • Our clinicians spend most of their time in clinic and several clinicians work part-time hours       
  • Please always log calls via administrative offices