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Walk-in centre nurse delivers baby in car park

Rhian, Cally and Freddy

The dynamic nursing staff at Richmond and Hounslow Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) rushed in without hesitation to deliver a baby born nine weeks premature at the Teddington Memorial Hospital (TMH) car park despite not being trained as midwives.

Rhian Forshaw, Emergency Nurse Practitioner, who works at the walk-in centre at TMH  and has training in Accident and Emergency, stepped into a car parked outside Teddington Memorial Hospital to deliver the baby on Thursday 30 July after Cally Slater, in full labour, was driven by a friend from work to the hospital.

Forshaw, who has a degree in nursing and whose only experience of midwifery was visiting a labour ward as a student, said: “I had every intention of staying with her and reassuring her until the ambulance came.

“Even though I delivered him, it really was a team effort and I could feel the other staff behind me. In that situation, everyone just wants what’s best for the baby,” Forshaw said.

Forshaw’s colleagues came in with blankets to clean and cover the baby before the ambulance took the mother and child to Kingston Hospital.

Cally, who gave birth to the baby boy named Freddy, said: “They were absolutely brilliant!

“I did know that they weren’t midwives but she knew what she was doing.”

Freddy, weighing 3lb 14oz at birth, is healthy and is now settled at home with his mother.