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HRCH achieves top scores in national staff survey

Graphic explaining the Staff Survey feedback process

Published: Tuesday 7 March 2017

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) has achieved its highest response rate of 69% as part of this year’s NHS Staff Survey – the annual staff feedback report from NHS England.  

The national 2016 NHS staff survey results show overall staff engagement at HRCH has improved since last year’s survey – whilst a large proportion of the local health trust’s scores are well above the national average for NHS organisations.   

HRCH tops the rankings for community trusts in the following areas: 

  • Staff engagement - the number of staff who would recommend HRCH as a place to work: a 2% increase from last year to 64% (9% higher than the national average for NHS community trusts).

  • Staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care they are able to deliver: is 5% above the national average (82% HRCH, 77% national).

  • Staff looking forward to going to work: 9% better than the national average (67% HRCH, 58% national).

  • Staff agreeing that their role makes a difference to patients / service users: 4% above the national average (94% HRCH, 90% national).

  • Low numbers of staff feeling unwell due to work-related stress: 5% better than average (33% HRCH, 38% national).

  • 79% of staff say that patient / service user care is the trust’s top priority: 6% better than national average (79% HRCH, 72% national).

The survey results also show that HRCH has continued to improve on its scores from previous years in the majority of key areas – including:  

  • Organisation and management interest in and action on health and wellbeing of staff; increased from 3.54/5 to 3.68/5 following the introduction of a staff health and wellbeing programme.

  • Staff agreeing they are able to do their job to a standard they are personally pleased with – a 7% improvement (84% up from 77% last year).         

Areas of Focus for 2017/18 will be: 

  • Increasing the number of staff who receive an appraisal in the next 12 months (85% in 2016, compared to 89% nationally). However, 78% of staff said that their appraisal helped them do their job more effectively, which is significantly higher than the national score of 73%

  • HRCH is slightly above the national average for the number of staff who experienced discrimination, violence, bullying and harassment, from the public and staff in the last 12 months. While these figures have reduced since 2015, the trust recognises it can do more to support staff in this area and this will be a specific area of focus this year as part of a staff wellbeing plan.  


Patricia Wright, chief executive, said:  

The results from the staff survey are incredibly important to us as we get to hear about our staff’s views on working conditions at the trust. I am pleased that 714 of our staff responded to the survey, which is 69% of our workforce – a brilliant response rate which is the highest ever for HRCH, and is considerably higher than the national average for NHS community trusts of 51%.   

“Whilst the vast majority of our results in this year’s survey are overwhelmingly positive – we will use all of the feedback that our staff tell us to make improvements to working conditions. We are looking at the results closely to draw up an action plan for improvement in areas where we could do better.  

“We want to thank all of our staff for completing the survey and providing valuable feedback which will be used by our trust board to improve HRCH for our staff and our patients.”   

The NHS Staff Survey is the largest survey of staff opinion in the UK and one of the largest staff surveys in the world. Each year NHS staff are encouraged to share their views on the range of their experience at work – including on development opportunities, health and wellbeing, staff engagement and involvement, and feeling able to raise concerns. 

The full NHS Staff Survey results for 2016 are available here.