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Make living well a priority in 2014: 11 top tips to help you LiveWell

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Monday 30 December 2013

New year is traditionally a time for making resolutions. This year LiveWell Richmond is offering additional support to help you live better and achieve your resolutions. 

Mike Hughes, manager of the LiveWell service said: “Whether your New Year resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking, be more active, drink less or live healthier, our LiveWell team are here to help you get there with our free, dedicated support and guidance.”  

LiveWell Richmond have produced a series of top tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and have a better and healthier 2014:  

1.    Make your resolutions into goals: Remember to give yourself a timetable to achieve them.  

2.    Write your goals down: Stick a copy of your resolutions at your desk, bedroom wall or fridge, save it on your phone and copy your goals into a diary. That way they will not be forgotten! 

3.    Be realistic: Don’t set your goals too high, as this makes it more likely you will fail. People who achieve and maintain weight loss do so at the rate of one or two pounds  a week, which is about  a kilo a fortnight. Losing a stone by the end of March would be a good goal to set.

4.    Create a monthly plan: This will make it easier to see the progress you are making.

Reward yourself: For example, if you decided to quit smoking, think about treating yourself to something nice after each day or week you have without a cigarette.

6.    Do your research: The more you know about about  what you need to do and the help available  locally, the more chance you have of achieving your goals.  

7.    Do not give up! By setting your goals sensibly, a few slip ups won’t stop you getting  to where you want to be in the timescale you have set. 

8.    Professionals are here to help:  If you are quitting smoking, trying to be healthier, lose weight or drink more responsibly - a health specialist can provide useful and expert advice. Our LiveWell team can provide valuable support to help you keep your resolutions and point you in the direction of other support available.  

9.    Keep a diary: Noting down your achievements and seeing what you have achieved can be very useful.  

10. Be confident, be positive: The key to any success is confidence so keep reminding yourself of  positive things you have already achieved and what you can achieve. 

11. Do not postpone it: Go ahead and get started now. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to achieve it. 

Livewell have more tips, expert and professional advice on health and wellbeing on our dedicated LiveWell website: www.live-well.org.uk, or download the free LiveWell Richmond app here.  

Notes to editors

  • LiveWell is a FREE health improvement service available to anyone over the age of 16 who either lives or is registered with a GP in Richmond.  It can offer you a friendly FREE chat with one of our trained Health Advisors, who will help you to set and achieve your personal, health related goals.

  • To book an appointment call the LiveWell team on 0208 487 1745, email us on info@livewellrichmond.org.uk or use our self-referral form to enter your contact details and the LiveWell team will get in touch.  

  • The LiveWell app is specifically designed for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle and is available free to download from: https://www.live-well.org.uk/richmond/services/app.aspx