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Staff experience continues to improve at HRCH

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Staff Survey 2018 results

Staff at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) have reported improvements in two thirds of the areas covered by the NHS national staff survey.

View the full results here

We top the rankings for community trusts in 18 areas, including:

  • Employee satisfaction with the quality care they are able to deliver is equal to the best score for community trusts (8/10)

  • Employees being able to make improvements happen in their area of work is equal to the best score for community trusts (64% HRCH, 58% average score)

  • Communication between senior management and staff is effective (55% HRCH, 43% average score)

  • Employees feeling unwell due to work related stress in the last 12 months is equal to the best score for community trusts (32% HRCH, 41% average score)

  • We also have the highest number of employees agreeing that their role makes a difference to patients/service users (93%)

Chief Executive Patricia Wright said: "The annual staff survey results are incredibly important as they tell us what staff think about working here and where we can improve things for both colleagues and our patients.

"Importantly, the number of people recommending HRCH as a place to work went up to 70.3% in 2018-19 from 67.2% last year, compared to the community trust average of 59.4%. We are very proud of our staff and the fact that our results show we have the best score for community trusts in areas of staff engagement and quality of care. Our staff engagement score has improved since last year (79.6%), putting us second among community trusts. We also made a significant improvement in our safety culture."

Our results improved in 62 questions overall and 13 of those improved by more than 5%. 

Our areas of focus for improvement in 2019/20 will be:

  • Teamwork, support and respect – our results highlight we can improve the support we offer to teams and the respect we give our colleagues

  • Recognition of employee achievements – employees feeling recognised and valued has improved significantly in the last year, but we want everyone to feel valued and recognised for their work

You can read the full results online