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Healthy recipe to try this weekend


We are putting together a collection of healthy and dietician approved recipes to help you eat healthily.

Dry Masala Prawns:

Prawns are rich source of selenium that helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells. They also contain calcium that supports healthy bones and teeth and vitamin E that has anti-ageing properties.

Download 'Dry Masala Prawns' recipe

Lemon Chicken:

Chicken is high source of protein, that supports muscle growth and development. Additionally eating poultry will increase the level of serotonin in your brain that is responsible for enhancing your mood.

Download 'Lemon Chicken' recipe

Healthy eating tips:

Key tips on healthy eating from our dieticians include:

  • Reduce your fat, salt and sugar intake as much as possible.

  • Use ingredients that are lower in fat.

  • Avoid anything overly sugary and avoid fizzy drinks

  • Try flavouring your food with lemon juice or mustard instead of using salt

  • Avoid frying your meals; try grilling, baking, or poaching 

Our dieticians will be at our event: A Healthy Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle.