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Older people get back on their feet in time for Christmas

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18 December 2017


Hounslow Falls Prevention Group is celebrating getting a group of older people back on their feet in time for Christmas.

The group is led by physios from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare, plus a falls prevention officer from the local council.

They work at Whitton Community Centre with a group of people aged 65 and over who have recently fallen and injured themselves.

Lead physio Alex DaCosta says: “We’re really proud that after just ten weeks of our first course, we’ve helped eight people to get back to walking confidently outdoors. Their health has improved as well.

“One lady had been admitted to hospital with dizziness. She was given medication and sent home, but was housebound after that. After taking the class, her confidence has returned, she’s walking outdoors again with her husband, her dizziness is not as bad and she doesn’t need as much medication now.

“Another gentleman fell and broke his ribs – he was housebound and couldn’t drive. Now he’s driving again, playing bowls and walking outdoors confidently.”

Alex hopes the success of this pilot project will lead to a continuing programme of classes in Hounslow to stop older people falling again and having to stay in hospital.