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NHS trust’s pioneering work wins award at international ceremony

Siobhan McCoulough and pressure ulcer prevention project team

The pressure ulcer team from the local community NHS trust has won an award from the European Pressure Ulcers Advisory Panel (EPUAP) in recognition of their leading work on pressure ulcer prevention.

The pressure ulcer prevention project team from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) won an award for ‘Quality Improvement Project on the Prevention of Skin Breakdown’at the EPUAP award ceremony in September in recognition for their work on adapting a pressure ulcer prevention method from hospitals and gearing it towards carers, known as the SSKIN bundle.

Siobhan McCoulough, Pressure Ulcer Prevention Project Lead at HRCH held a talk and workshop at the international conference in Belgium, which sparked global interest from other community healthcare groups alongside the other four winners from the USA, Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi and Ireland.

Siobhan said: “I am delighted that we’re getting so much support and recognition for all the hard work that we’ve done to make sure that carers are central in identifying early stage pressure ulcers and preventing deterioration.  Using a multi-disciplinary approach to prevention ensures that patients are getting best quality care that we can possibly provide them with.

She added, “I was thrilled this work was recognised and I was asked to speak at the EPUAP.  It shows that our work has been recognised on an international level and I hope this inspires other community healthcare providers. By using this model, we can make a difference not just nationally but also globally”

The NHS trust’s SSKIN bundle and work on pressure ulcer prevention

The newly adapted SSKIN care plan and visual tool, launched in April, includes a carer information sheet, booklet and visual poster that show patients and carers how to spot early signs of pressure damage.

The trust have redesigned the SSKIN bundle from the hospital to a community healthcare setting as in the community there is an increase in long term conditions and personal care being provided by carers and carer groups. The adapted SSKIN bundle and visual tool for carers are aimed at these groups to ensure they understand risk assessment and early identification of pressure damage.

HRCH is working to develop safer systems in hospitals and community settings so that the trust can dramatically help reduce hospital and community acquired pressure ulcers, falls, urinary tract infections in patients with catheters and blood clots such as DVT and pulmonary embolism.