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Staff engagement and patient care come out on top for NHS trust

Our staff recommend the trust as a place to work or receive treatment

Wednesday 25 February 2015 

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) has achieved above the national average scores for staff engagement and patient care as staff’s number one priority in the national NHS Staff Survey 2014.
Out of 142 NHS trusts taking part in the survey, HRCH scored above the national average in questions including how staff feel about the trust as a place to work or to be treated. 

Additionally, HRCH emerged as having one the best overall staff engagement scores for community trusts in the UK, with staff reporting high levels of motivation, feeling that they can contribute and recommending the trust as a place to work or be treated.  

The survey, conducted by the Department of Health, also confirmed that staff believe that the care of patients is their number one priority, that staff are satisfied with the support provided from their colleagues and that managers ask for their opinion when making decisions that affect their work.

HRCH chief executive, Frank Sims said: “I am delighted with our results, it reinforces the strong link between our high staff satisfaction and high patient satisfaction with the care we provide.

"At HRCH, we have been successful in creating an environment where staff feel listened to, valued and well supported; where they are enthusiastic about their work and free to concentrate on providing safe, effective and personal care to our patients. I am very proud of our staff who are passionate about the people they care for in the boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond.”  

About the NHS Staff Survey

The NHS Staff Survey is undertaken every year for all trusts across the country and is recognised as an important way of ensuring that the views of staff working in the NHS inform local improvements and input in to local and national assessments of quality, safety, and delivery of the NHS Constitution. Find out more here.

NHS Staff Survey 2014: Key results

HRCH staff scored well above the national average on all key questions: 

  • Staff recommendation of the trust as a place to work or receive treatment
  • If a friend or relative needed treatment, I would be happy with the standard of care provided by this organisation
  • Satisfaction with the quality of work and patient care they are able to deliver
  • Staff engagement
  • Staff motivation
  • Staff job satisfaction