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Community matron awarded prestigious Queen’s Nurse title

Jill Hardman QN

A community matron from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) has been awarded the title Queen’s Nurse for her work with patients by the charity the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI).

Jill Hardman cares for patients in the community with long term conditions by promoting early interventions and empowering patients to self-manage their conditions, this improves their quality of life and prevents avoidable hospital admissions.

The title recognises “continuing commitment to safeguarding and promoting high standards of care in the community and dedication to learning and leadership”.

Jill Hardman said she feels “privileged and very proud” to receive the Queen’s Nurse title.

Passionate about patient care & improving practice

In her work in the community she assesses patient’s needs in the home and works closely with the GPs, district nursing teams, social care and care navigators to proactively manage patient care effectively, using skilful communications, liaison and planning within a multi-disciplinary team to promote self management.

Jill Hardman, community matron in Hounslow team, said: “I always wanted to do it from a young age, it’s a vocation to me, my main focus is patient care, and being a role model.

She said: “Being a good role model, people can learn high standards from you. By being a patient advocate and standing up for patients’ rights I can inspire others. My experience and expertise allows me to have the patient’s best interests at heart and I use my gut feeling and intuition. It’s about having the right care at the right time in the right place and sign-posting and coordinating care appropriately.”

The QN title was introduced by the QNI to “bring together community nurses who share common values with a shared title” – it supports innovation and best practice in order to improve care for patients.

New challenges facing community care

The trust promotes nursing & education at a time of national funding constraints and pressures - and nurses still try to deliver the best standard of care. Jill valued the team’s commitment and enthusiasm and thinks nursing in future will mean forming close professional working relationships with patients and less time on paperwork, like it used to be!

As part of the programme Jill is invited to network meetings and always asks if a colleague can attend with her. She would encourage others to apply and found the exercise of collating all evidence an added bonus for her revalidation and practice meetings.

Jill is based at the Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health and would be happy to discuss her application experience. For more information please contact the Hounslow community matron team on 020 3771 6170 or visit: www.hrch.nhs.uk/our-services/services-directory/hounslow-and-richmond/community-matrons/