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Local NHS trust gears up for Stop the Pressure Day

Stop The Pressure Ulcer Day

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) will be supporting  Stop the Pressure  Day – which raises awareness about pressure ulcer prevention and the best practice for treatment - by holding awareness stands on 19 November at Heart of Hounslow Centre For Health and Teddington Memorial Hospital.

Members of the trust’s tissue viability team and MDT pressure ulcer task group will be giving out pressure ulcer awareness material, advice for patients and carers on best practice and treatment for pressure ulcers and information on HRCH’s award-winning prevention strategies.

Siobhan McCoulough, ulcer prevention project lead for the tissue viability team, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to provide patients and carers with the right information, resources and level of care to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and increase the patient’s quality of life.

She said, “By raising awareness we can make sure that patients have access to the right treatment and that their symptoms are quickly recognised and treated.”

Information on pressure ulcers and HRCH’s work on prevention strategies

The Community Tissue Viability Service was established in 1998 to provide expert research and evidenced-based clinical support for staff caring for patients with wound management problems across HRCH. The current Tissue Viability Service encompasses the existing, award winning leg ulcer service set up in 1993 at the Heart of Hounslow (Moffatt Leg Ulcer Clinic) and the Teddington Memorial Hospital Leg Clcer Clinic.

The role of the team is to provide expert clinical knowledge, to assist staff in the management of ever increasing complex wound management in both community, acute and continuing care settings in Hounslow and Richmond and to assist staff to implement evidence and research-based practice to improve the care given to patients. 

HRCH also run a nurse-led wound care services and initiating referrals to multidisciplinary teams and nurse led complex wounds clinic at the Heart of Hounslow centre for health and Teddington Memorial Hospital. They maintain a resource library of tissue viability information for staff use. And provide up to date research based training packages according to the needs of staff. 

In September, The pressure ulcer team won an award from the European Pressure Ulcers Advisory Panel (EPUAP) in recognition for their leading work on pressure ulcer prevention.