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Local MP champions the "vital" work of One You Hounslow

MP Seema Malhotra with health advisors
MP Seema Malhotra with health advisors

The MP for Feltham and Heston praised the difference that the One You Hounslow health improvement service makes to local people today, saying that she was impressed by the service’s “commitment to reach out into the community”

The One You Hounslow team had previously met with MP Seema Malhotra at Love Heritage Festival, Feltham, on Saturday July 30 to discuss the importance of making health services accessible for the most vulnerable people in the community.  

One You Hounslow health advisors Alpana, Stella and Nitu talked to the Labour Party MP about the service and provided local residents with mini health checks, blood pressure checks and calculated their body mass index (BMI).

Seema Malhotra, formerly Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, said: “One You Hounslow played a big role in connecting our local health services with the community at the festival in Feltham. I was very impressed by the commitment to reach out into the community and the passion to improve the health of local people by the team.”

She adds: “The team were friendly, informative and caring and their service is vital for early detection and intervention of blood pressure and other issues. Thank you One You Hounslow for your amazing work.”

Health Advisor Stella Oryang also gave a speech at the Feltham Community College event to over 80 people about healthy eating, physical activity and stopping smoking - and signposted its health advice and exercise on referral service to 20 local residents.

Stella, who has helped deliver health resources that challenged poor service access and discrimination, said: “We explained to Seema that the purpose of these outreach events is to target those who are hard to reach in the community and affected by health inequalities as a result. We want to make them aware of the One You Hounslow service so that they can make informed decisions about accessing support that is available for them.”

She said: “Meeting the MP for Feltham and Heston provided us with an important platform for community engagement. We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our residents who don’t have digital access or understand the help that is available for them.”

With the range of healthy lifestyle services it offers, One You Hounslow improves the social and economic factors of health and wellbeing that affect the community as a whole.

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For more information, visit: www.oneyouhounslow.org.uk, email oneyou.hounslow@nhs.net, or call One You Hounslow on 020 8973 3530