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HRCH celebrates success at Staff Awards

Staff Awards 2016 - Joint winners: Outstanding clinical team - District nursing (Teddington & Hampton)
Staff Awards 2016 - Joint winners: Outstanding clinical team - District nursing (Teddington & Hampton)

Friday 4 November 2016 

The community NHS trust for Hounslow and Richmond celebrated the achievements of its most dedicated, committed and talented staff at its annual Staff Awards event on Thursday 3 November 2016. 

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s staff awards recognise and reward the hard work and accomplishments of its staff who go the extra mile for local patients – providing first class care and services. 

Over 140 health staff from a wide range of clinical and non-clinical professions were nominated for 7 categories – with a full house attending the awards ceremony event at Twickenham Stoop to find out the winners and runners up. 

Individual awards – winners: 

  • The outstanding employee of the year award went to Katie Randall, a team leader for the children’s continuing care service – for going beyond the requirements of her role to help children in need - not just at work, but also outside of work. 

Staff Awards 2016: Winner of the Employee of the Year Award - Katie Randall (children's continuing care team)
Winner of the Employee of the Year Award - Katie Randall (left), children's continuing care team
  • This year’s winner of the clinician of the year award was Jane Dove, an occupational therapist lead at Teddington Memorial Hospital – who excelled in her role by delivering the highest quality services and improving patient care 

  • The non-clinician of the year award went to Raj Padda – a support officer for the Family Nurse Partnership, a local service which aims to reduce social exclusion for first time mothers who are aged nineteen years old or under. 

  • The winner of the outstanding leader award went to Tracy Mahoney, Teddington Walk-in Centre lead nurse/manager – as recognition for going above and beyond her set duties and inspiring her of staff provide a fantastic local service for patients.

  • The unsung hero of the year award went to Kait Hole – a speech and language therapy assistant, who is known for always putting the needs of the service and team before her own. 

  • The final individual award, the chief executive’s award, went to the trust’s learning disability lead – Mark Sheen – who was recognised for his loyal service to the trust, along with his exceptional clinical leadership skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for helping others.

Staff Awards 2016 - Winner of the CEO's Award - Mark Sheen, learning disabilities lead
Winner of the CEO's Award - Mark Sheen, learning disabilities lead

Team awards – winners: 

  • Two teams shared the plaudits for this year’s outstanding clinical team category: the first joint-winner – was the trust’s district nursing team for Teddington & Hampton, who were recognised for their work helping local patients in the community; whilst the second joint-winner was the trust’s continence team – rewarded for their vital care and services to help local patients with bladder or bowel dysfunction. 

  • This year’s outstanding non-clinical team award went to the quality and clinical excellence team – a vital support service which supports clinicians to provide the highest level of care and services – providing vital services and advice around audit, information governance, incident reporting and risk management. 

Chief executive, Patricia Wright said:

Our Staff Awards event is a great opportunity to take stock and celebrate our amazing NHS staff – local health heroes who go the extra mile for patients, colleagues and the local community we serve.  

“The 140 nominations received for this year’s awards from our patients and staff goes to show the exceptional workforce that we have here at HRCH – and I am immensely proud to lead an organisation with such talented, committed and compassionate staff who do so much to help local people across Hounslow and Richmond.”

Queen's Nurses

The trust also used the occasion to say thank you to its Queen's Nurses - 10 nursing staff (pictured below) from across the organisation who have been awarded this prestigious title by the Queen's Nursing Institute. 

Some of the trust's Queen's Nurses at the Staff  Awards 2016
Some of the trust's Queen's Nurses at the Staff Awards 2016
Name Job Title
Winner Jane Dove Occupational Therapist Clinical Lead TMH
Runner Up 1 Bhavisha Parmar Senior Paediatric Audiologist
Runner Up 2 Nicola Aburto Clinical Specialist - Wheelchair & Posture Management
Name Job Title
Winner Raj Padda Quality Support Officer – Family Nurse Partnership
Runner Up 1 Jane Lahr Operational Support Services & Systems Administrator
Runner Up 2 Sandie Cox Safeguarding Adults at Risk Specialist
Name Job Title
Winner Tracy Mahoney Nurse Lead/Manager WiC
Runner Up 1 Katie Randall Children’s Continuing Care Team Leader
Runner Up 2 Helen Church Diabetes Specialist Nurse Lead
  Name Job Title
Winner Kait Hole Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
Runner Up 1 Dre Findley SystmOne Configuration Analyst
Runner Up 2 Helen Jackson Senior Occupational Therapist
Runner Up 3 Kathryn Oliver Assistant HR Advisor - Recruitment
Name Job Title
Winner Katie Randall Continuing care team leader
Name Job Title
Winner Mark Sheen Clinical Services Manager - Learning Disabilities


Joint Winner District Nursing - Teddington & Hampton Team (THSCC)
Joint Winner Continence Team
Runner Up 1 IV Therapy Team
Winner Quality and Clinical Excellence Team
Runner Up 1 Security Team - TMH
Runner Up 2 Health Visiting Admin Team



Outstanding Clinician

  • Nicola Aburto

  • Lily Clarke

  • Jane Dove                                                     

  • Brenda Edwards        

  • Craig Forsyth

  • Sophie Green

  • Do Heath        

  • Wendy Lywood

  • Mahendra Mali

  • Anthony McCarthy

  • Julie Munro

  • Bhavisha Parmar       

  • Chloe Pickup 

  • Katie Randall

  • Liz Riedlinger

  • Gareth Roblin                                     

  • Sheila Roberts

  • Sarah Whiteaker

  • Judy Zur          


Outstanding Non-Clinician

  • Rachel Bayram

  • Satinder Bhogal

  • Suki Bhogal

  • Sandie Cox

  • Balbir Chana                          

  • Nancy Houlihan                 

  • Sheila Hill

  • Jane Lahr       

  • Dawn Lucas                                                   

  • Amrit Mangat 

  • Kal Mistry                   

  • Kathryn Oliver

  • Raj Padda

  • Alison Renard            

  • Hannah Roberts                                             

  • James Steers 


Outstanding Leader

  • Rose Agborsangaya

  • Alison Braby               

  • Edwin Chamanga      

  • Helen Church                         

  • Gail Goddard             

  • Jacki Hunt      

  • Carole Lyons              

  • Sarah Mack

  • Tracy Mahoney

  • Senseni Mangwiro                             

  • Chandrika Perera                  

  • Katie Randall                                                                          

  • Stephen Ravenscroft

  • Sheila Roberts           

  • Lorraine Rochford

  • Martyn Schofield       

  • Mark Sheen

  • Claire Schneider                                            

  • Martha Whitelaw-Tucker                               

  • Andrea Wilson                        

  • Magdalen Woollcombe-Gosson        

  • Judy Zur

Unsung Hero

  • Eunice Danquah Boadi          

  • Ann Marie Brosnan

  • Dereck Cartwright     

  • Parminder Degun                              

  • Brenda Edwards        

  • Dre Findley    

  • Lisa Forster

  • Tony Grimmer                       

  • Kait Hole

  • Helen Jackson           

  • Jane Lahr

  • Hawa Matour

  • Kim Narbett    

  • Kathryn Oliver

  • Tega Onodarho

  • Carole Ore     

  • Hina Patel                                                                  

  • Therese Singh


Outstanding Employee

  • Karin Boyton

  • Claire Cahill

  • Craig Forsyth 

  • Lisa Pendleton

  • Katie Randall              

  • Frances Sheppard

  • Isswarduth Tahalooa  

  • Allan Yeganeh            


Outstanding Clinical Team

  • Community Learning Disabilities Team

  • Continence Service Team

  • Dementia Specialist Team

  • Diabetes – Desmond Team

  • Hampton and Teddington District Nursing Team based at THSCC

  • Hospital In-reach team – RRRT

  • HV Richmond Team

  • Integrated Community Response Team

  • IV Therapy Team

  • Newborn Hearing Screening Team

  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy Team

  • Richmond Response and Rehabilitation Team

  • School Age Vaccination Team

  • Wheelchair Service

Outstanding Non-Clinical Team

  • AD and Senior manager Operational support services administration team

  • Clinic Administrators – Neuro Rehab Team

  • Estates & Facilities

  • Health Visiting Admin Hub

  • IT Team

  • Quality & Clinical Excellence Team

  • Security Team

  • Wheelchair Hub Admin Team