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Help for a healthy New Year at Dry January and Smart Swap events in Hounslow

Dry January

Health trainers from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) are running public health events to promote Dry January and Smart Swap – the campaigns that encourage people to give up alcohol for 30 days and reduce their sugar intake by swapping fatty or sugary food for a healthier option. 

Specialists at the NHS events throughout January will help Hounslow people to improve their health and wellbeing by providing information on Smart Swaps and alcohol and encouraging people to give up alcohol for the 30 days in January.  The NHS health trainers will also hand out information leaflets for alcohol related services in the borough along with Dry January sign up cards. 

Help for a Dry January

Jennifer Banks-Smith, health promotion manager at HRCH, said: “Many people after the Christmas festivities want to have a break from alcohol and unhealthy food and try new healthy alternatives to accommodate their lifestyle change.” 

She said, “These events are an excellent opportunity for people to speak to NHS specialists about cutting out alcohol and sugary food from their diet and will give them the best chance of going the full 30 days.”

Taking part in Dry January will benefit you in a number of ways by helping your New Year waistline by reducing the number of calories you consume, helping your finances by not spending money on alcohol and improving your general health.

Dry January has proven that taking a month off booze can have a positive impact on people’s long term drinking levels. Not only do participants who take a month off alcohol drink less frequently afterwards, they drink less when they do drink and also get drunk less often.

It’s not too late to sign up and take part in Dry January, even if it's part way through the month - any time that you give your liver a break will result in great health benefits. Lots of support and encouragement is available at www.dryjanuary.org.uk.

Smart Swaps for a healthier lifestyle

Smart Swaps has already helped thousands of people to cut fat and sugar out of their diet, just by making one simple food or drink swap. Sign up to Smart Swaps today and Change4Life will send you healthy tips and tasty recipes every week for four weeks, to help keep you on the road to success. 

Come and see the health trainers at the following locations for more information: 

  • Thursday 7 January: Feltham Cineworld, 12.30-5pm
  • Friday 8 January: The Gym, Hounslow, 4-7pm
  • Saturday 9 January: ASDA Feltham, 11-4pm
  • Sunday 10 January: Brentford Morrisons, 11-4pm
  • Monday 11 January: Hounslow Library, 11-4pm
  • Tuesday 12 January: West Middlesex Hospital, 11-4pm
  • Thursday 14 January: Feltham Cineworld, 12.30-5pm
  • Friday 15 January: ASDA Feltham, 11-4pm
  • Sunday 17 January: Brentford Morrisons, 11-4pm
  • Tuesday 19 January: Hounslow Library, 11-4pm
  • Thursday 21 January:  West Middlesex Hospital, 11-4pm
  • Friday 22 January: Feltham Cineworld, 12.30-5pm

Find out more about the trust’s health trainers in Hounslow by visiting www.hrch.nhs.uk/health-promotion, calling 020 3771 6185 or emailing to Payal.Halwai@HRCH.NHS.UK