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Free event to support people to live a healthier lifestyle – 27 February

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A free event on healthy eating, nutrition and living healthier lifestyles is being held on Thursday 27 February, 6pm - 8pm, in Twickenham.

The event offers a fantastic opportunity for people to access expert help and get useful tips that can inspire them to take the first step towards a better lifestyle.

Guest speaker, Public Health Consultant, Anna Raleigh will focus on how people can live healthier and make better lifestyle choices.

Event details: A Healthy Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle

A health fair at the beginning of the event will feature mini health checks and offer a chance to meet expert health trainers and health champions. People will also be able to sign up to free NHS services that can support them to achieve these lifestyle changes, such as programmes that support people to lose weight, stop smoking or cut down on alcohol.

Medical Director, Rosalind Ranson said: “It’s important that people have access to the right information and support to help them lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. This event focuses on how people can achieve their lifestyle goals and how they can make the most of the free support available on the NHS.

“Making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can lead to massive improvements in health. We’ll be providing helpful tips and information on how people can do this.”

Pedometer challenge – how far can you go?

At the event we will also launch our pedometer challenge. Free* pedometers will be available to all attendees who sign up for the challenge to walk a bit further everyday.

To book your place at the event email events@hrch.nhs.uk  

For more information and details of our speakers, as they are confirmed, visit our website: www.hrch.nhs.uk

Light refreshments will be provided.

*Pedometers will be issued on a first come, first served basis.