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Dry January: Help on hand to live healthier lives in 2015

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Monday 5 January 2015

With the New Year and party season soon to be a distant memory – now is the time to think about taking steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Our FREE healthy lifestyle services in Hounslow and Richmond can help you to achieve your healthy new year resolutions - whether you want to cut back on booze or need support to get though the Dry January campaign; or you want to lose weight, eat more healthily, give up smoking and much more besides!

Dry January - take the plunge!

We are getting behind Alcohol Concern's Dry January campaign and encouraging patients, local people and our own staff to give their liver a break by signing up for the 31 day booze-free challenge.   

Dry January is a campaign aimed at social drinkers, encouraging them to give up alcohol for a month after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. For many adults – going a month without drinking can be tough, but taking part in the challenge will benefit you in a number of ways by:  

  • Helping your New Year waistline by reducing the number of calories you consume
  • Helping your finances by not spending money on alcohol
  • Improving your general health – we all need a break and your body is no different

Dry January has proven that taking a month off booze can have a positive impact on people’s long term drinking levels. Not only do participants who take a month off alcohol drink less frequently afterwards, they drink less when they do drink and also get drunk less often.  

There is plenty of fun to be had without alcohol and you probably won’t be missing it as much as you think by the end of the month. 

It's not too late to sign up and take part in Dry January, even if it's part way through the month - any time that you give your liver a break will result in great health benefits! Lots of support and encouragement is available at www.dryjanuary.org.uk.

Local support to help you live healthier lives!

So whether you’ve decided to take the plunge and take part in Dry January, cut back on the booze and drink sensibly - or if you need help losing weight, eating healthily, or giving up smoking - we offer a range of services which can help you do just that.

Click on the links below to find out more and give us a call for a free chat about how we can help you to live healthier lives in 2015!

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LiveWell Richmond

If you live in the borough of Richmond – our dedicated team of health trainers can help you to live healthier lifestyles by providing FREE one-to-one support. Find out more at www.hrch.nhs.uk/livewell-richmond or call 020 8487 1745.

Hounslow health promotion

If you live in Hounslow – we offer a free NHS health improvement service which provides up to 6 weeks of support and motivation to residents in make healthier lifestyle choices by setting goals and signposting to a range of specialist services. To find out more visit www.hrch.nhs.uk/health-promotion, or call us on 0208 630 3386.

Health and wellbeing services

You can find out more about all of the health improvement services we offer across Hounslow, Richmond, Ealing, Sutton and Merton – which can also help you with things like giving up smoking, losing weight, eating healthily and much more. Visit: www.hrch.nhs.uk/health-and-wellbeing