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CQC publish report on Hounslow and Richmond community health services

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Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its Chief Inspector of Hospitals report into Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s (HRCH) services, following a planned inspection in March 2016.  

The CQC identified many areas of good practice across the trust, with children’s services and end of life care rated as good. However the trust has received an overall rating of requires improvement.

The CQC assessed five main service areas across the trust (children’s services, adult services, inpatient services, urgent care, and end of life care services) - rating each according to five domains (safe, effective, responsive, caring, and well-led). Of the 25 domains assessed, the trust achieved 14 good ratings, 9 requires improvement ratings, whilst two domains were inadequate. 

Areas of good practice identified by the CQC across the trust include:

  • Services for children, young people and families - rated as ‘good’ for all five of the areas assessed (caring, effective, safe, responsive, well-led)
  • End of life care services - rated as ‘good’ for four of the five areas assessed (safe, caring, responsive, well-led)
  • Community health services for adults - rated as ‘good’ for three of the five areas (effective, caring, well-led), with an overall rating of requires improvement. 

The inspection team also identified a number of areas which HRCH needs to improve: at the trust’s inpatients unit at Teddington Memorial Hospital; aspects of community health services for adult services; and aspects of the trust’s urgent care services.  

Patricia Wright, chief executive of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust said:

“The trust commenced work on its ‘Journey to Outstanding’ in 2015 – a programme to deliver outstanding care and services in response to the rising standards for quality of care being required of all NHS providers. We welcome the CQC’s report and feedback, which is an important milestone in our journey. The findings from the inspection will enable us to build on our current plans as we address the issues raised to improve the quality of care we provide for patients.  

“We are pleased that the inspectors highlighted many areas of good practice across the trust which our staff can rightfully feel proud of – particularly our community health services for children, young people and families, and our end of life care services.  

“However we absolutely recognise that there were areas across our services, particularly in our inpatient unit, which did not meet the CQC’s required standards at the time of the inspection. We had recognised that the inpatient unit service required improvement and we told the CQC this at the time of the inspection. Following the inspection, we took immediate action to resolve the issues that the CQC raised at the time and we have developed a robust action plan with staff and partners to ensure all areas identified by the CQC are resolved as quickly as possible. We welcome the CQC’s offer of a return visit to the inpatient unit within six months - so that we can demonstrate that we have responded to their concerns.

“I want to re-assure patients and local people that we have worked quickly to ensure the main issues identified at our inpatient unit at Teddington Memorial Hospital are being addressed. Since the inspection we have carried out immediate actions to resolve the safety issues on the wards – around staffing and equipment.”

“It is also important to note that the CQC found that our inpatient unit staff consistently achieves positive outcomes for our patients, following rehabilitation or end of life care.”

She adds: “Staffing is a key priority for the trust and we continue to make progress in reducing vacancy rates across the organisation.  We know where the challenges are around recruitment and staffing – which stem from national shortages in healthcare professions such as community nursing and health visiting. HRCH is fully engaged in local and national recruitment initiatives.  We have also put actions in place to improve our recruitment processes since the CQC inspected us, reducing our vacancy rate from 21% at the end of February (the time of the CQC inspection) to 16% as of the end of July 2016.”

Patricia Wright said: “Improving the quality of care we provide continues to be a priority for the trust and we look forward to continuing to work with staff and patients to ensure that we provide care and services that we and our families would want to use.”

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