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Find out about the latest technology to help with hearing problems

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Local people are invited to an open day showcasing the latest hearing aid products and protective earplugs.

The Audiology Open Day will take place on Thursday 28 November, 2pm - 4:30pm, at Heart of Hounslow, TW3 3EL.

Hearing aid products and devices

Parents/carers of children with hearing aids and adult hearing aid users can come along to see first-hand the difference the latest wireless products and devices can make to supporting hearing aid users.

On show will be the latest wireless/Bluetooth hearing-aid products, which stream the sound from mobile devices such as phones, tablets/laptops, or mp3 players directly to compatible hearing aids. The Trust sells a range of accessories aimed at hearing aid users of all ages who struggle to receive sound clearly from mobile devices, with the sound adjusted for their hearing loss.

Noise reduction earplugs

Demonstration of bespoke earplug products which protect the ears from loud noise will also be taking place.

The audiology service sells custom made noise reduction earplugs including specialist musicians’ earplugs with filters, and noise reduction earplugs aimed at people who attend loud music or sporting events. All products are tailor-made to fit the exact shape of your ears and suit the type of noise levels you are exposed to.

Swim plugs

A selection of custom made, reusable and long-lasting swim plugs for children and adults - which help to prevent ear infections and keep the inside of your ears dry - are also available to purchase from the Trust’s audiology specialists on the day.

Geeta Ubhayakar, Head of Audiology Service at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We want to raise awareness about the importance of looking after your ears, while giving people the opportunity to find out about the latest hearing products and wireless accessories that we sell.

“Loud music is a major cause of hearing damage and can lead to premature hearing loss, tinnitus and reduced tolerance to sounds.  Our noise-reduction earplugs are the perfect protective measure for loud or noisy environments as they are discrete, portable and limit harmful noise to within safe levels.

“Whereas, our wireless hearing aid accessories open up the world for hearing impaired children or adults who want to use electronic devices.  “If you are worried about your own, or your child’s hearing – make sure you come along to our open day and meet our audiology specialists for free advice and to find out how we can help.”

For more information about the Audiology Open Day - or the range of specialist hearing products that the Trust sells - call 020 8630 3337 / 020 8714 4108; email hrch.audiology@nhs.net; or visit www.hrch.nhs.uk/audiology