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Support group helping aphasia patients have their say

Members of the My Word aphasia support group

Tuesday 15 April 2014 

A Hounslow patient support group is transforming the lives of people who have difficulty communicating following a stroke or brain injury.  

My Word! is a social group, run by speech and language therapists from Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, which provides support for people who have aphasia.   

Aphasia is a communication difficulty which can occur following injury to the language centers in the brain. Many people who have a stroke or brain injury suffer from aphasia-related communication problems and may find it hard to talk, understand others, read or write.    

The support group provides the opportunity for local people with aphasia in Hounslow to meet others with a similar condition to practice communication skills and enjoy social interaction through supported conversations. 

Anyone with aphasia living in the London Borough of Hounslow is welcome to attend the group, which meets weekly - every Thursday between 10am-12pm at Isleworth Working Men’s Club,109 St. Johns Road, off Twickenham Road, Middlesex TW7 6PN.  

Group members make a contribution of £2 per week towards tea and coffee. Free parking is also available.  

Jean Hutson, speech and language therapy assistant, said: “If you have difficulty with communicating after a stroke or head injury, then we’d encourage you to join our friendly, informal group. Our aim is to enjoy each other’s company, laugh and share experiences – while practising our communication skills.  

“People with aphasia may struggle to find the right words or formulate the correct sentences to express their message or what they want to say. Our members consistently tell us that since joining the group, they gain increased confidence in their communication endeavours and that the support and camaraderie lessens the isolation felt from their communication disorders.”  

A My Word! Facebook page is also available for members of the group to join, so that they can communicate with each other and share news or photos: www.facebook.com/MyWordGroup  

For more information call Jean Hutson, speech and language therapy assistant for Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, on 020 8630 3626 or email mywordgroup@facebook.com