Board meetings

Our board meetings are currently being held on Microsoft Teams to enable public attendance.

If you have any questions about the papers or would like the information to join the meeting please email

Attending public board meetings:

Our public board meetings are open to all - we encourage attendance from our patients, members of the public and our staff.

The role of the trust board is to ensure that the trust delivers high quality healthcare and improves the health of our local population. The trust board oversees the performance of the organisation and monitors the way we deliver our services so they reflect the needs of our communities.

Our regular public board meetings also provide the opportunity for local people to find out about the trust's ongoing business, performance, news and updates - straight from the trust's board of directors.   

Local people are actively encouraged to attend the meetings.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP in advance by emailing Suki Chandler, board secretary:

Questions to the Board:

Attendees can ask questions of the trust's directors at the end of each public board meeting. Any questions for the board should be submitted to Suki Chandler, board secretary, either by email to or in writing to: 

Board Secretary 
Thames House 
180 High Street 
TW11 8HU  

Questions for the board need to be submitted by 10am at the latest on the Monday before the meeting. If you have any questions arising from the agenda, you can ask them at the end of the meeting, during the questions from the public session.

Find out about our board members

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NHS Improvement require all NHS provider boards to sign off and publish compliance with general condition 6 and continuity of service condition 7 of the NHS provider licence. Download HRCH's declaration here.