New additions to the night district nursing team

7 June 2021

Whitton team babies.jpg

We have had some new additions to the night district nursing team family at Whitton Corner Centre for Health. Three babies were born during the pandemic and a fourth is due in October.

Sally Turner, team manager of the Night District Nursing Team, says: “The babies’ arrival has brought our team much joy and we would like to share a picture of them with HRCH colleagues.”

The new recruits, from left to right are Orla (7 months), Isabel (1 month) and Carter (5 months).

Registered nurses Jessica Smith, Sarah Thomson and Christina Cook worked throughout the pandemic, hands on until their pregnancies reached 28 weeks and helping the team with triaging after that until their babies arrived.

Sally adds: “We have now disposed of the chair which they all sat on before getting pregnant!!”

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