Lots to celebrate in national NHS survey

16 March 2021


The national NHS staff survey results for 2020 have been published and we have several reasons to celebrate.

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We are pleased that 813 colleagues participated in the survey, which is 72% of our workforce and the best response rate among community trusts nationally. It’s also our best response ever, so thank you to everyone who participated.

This is a brilliant response and means we have some rich, valid data to show us where we can make improvements together.

The survey was changed slightly this time. Questions about personal development and training were removed and extra questions were added to capture people’s experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We came top of all community trusts in the country in:

  • being able to do my job to a standard I am personally pleased with (84.3%)
  • having opportunities to use my skill (76.3%)
  • people agreeing they know what their responsibilities are (88.1%)
  • ability to deliver care I aspire to (76.7%)
  • people agreeing they are satisfied with quality of care they give (86.5%)
  • people agreeing the trust acts on concerns raised by patients (86.6%)

Overall, we have seen some positive results, particularly in areas we focused on following the results from 2019.

These include positive views about communication and engagement with senior managers, job quality, safety, and wellbeing. Most importantly we are top of all community trusts for a third year in questions relating to quality.

Areas that have significantly changed since the 2019 staff survey are highlighted below.

Significant improvements since 2019 (5% or more)

  • 58% did not come to work while unwell (an improvement from 48%)
  • 43% agree HRCH takes positive action on health and wellbeing (up from 35%)
  • 65% would report any experience of physical violence (up from 58%)
  • 88% know who senior managers are (up from 83%)
  • 70% are happy with opportunities for flexible working (up from 65%)
  • 58% are satisfied with the extent to which the trust values their work (up from 53%)

Friends and Family Test measures

  • 75% of respondents said they would recommend the trust as a place to work (up from 71% last year) against a national average for community trusts of 69%
  • 83% would be happy with the standard of care provided by the trust if a friend or relative needed treatment (up from 79%) against a national average for community trusts of 80%

Freedom to Speak Up Index

  • 81% of respondents would feel secure raising concerns about unsafe clinical practice (up from 79%)
  • 73% were confident the trust would address their concerns (up from 71%)

The results from the staff survey are incredibly important to us, as we get to hear what our employees really think about working here. 

While most of our latest results are positive, we still have some areas for improvement, including:

  • relationships at work and with immediate managers
  • levels of stress and MSK problems due to work
  • equality, diversity and inclusion

Alison Heeralall, Director of Workforce, said: “We are using feedback from the survey to make improvements and draw up action plans to do better together, so we have asked colleagues discuss and compare the 2019 and 2020 results openly in team meetings.

“I want to thank everyone who took part in the survey and gave us such valuable feedback. Our trust board will use it to support improvements based on key themes or areas that need more focused efforts from the trust.

“In addition, we will be asking all teams to suggest at least three things that they can do themselves to make a difference to their teams and our patients.”

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