Little boxes of thanks for HRCH staff

30 April 2021

Gift boxes - Thank you.jpg

Gift boxes for staff have started being distributed across our sites this week to say thank you to our amazing staff who have continued to keep our community safe and well during the pandemic.

This token of gratitude for HRCH staff has been made possible with the generous contributions from the Teddington Hospital League of Friends and our own trust charity.

Gift boxes team.jpgThe boxes, which contain chocolate and other snacks, soothing heat packs, hand cream, sleep spray and other goodies have been welcomed by staff across the organisation. 

"We are so grateful for these gifts from the League of Friends and HRCH. So, so generous! We have big smiles underneath our masks. We love these little treats. Thank you!"

"A lovely surprise received from the Teddington League of Friends. An amazing treat box filled with goodies for the staff of HRCH. So kind, thankyou! Very much appreciated!"

A big thank you to the League for their ongoing support to our staff and our local community. 


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