Covid vaccine is our best line of defence

2 December 2020

Vaccines key facts.png

Covid-19 vaccine - our best defence

As we prepare for the Covid-19 vaccine, we want to share some facts on ways that vaccines are crucial and part of our defence against infectious diseases.

Vaccination is one of the best ways to prevent diseases. Vaccines are estimated to save up to 3 million lives worldwide every year. 

  • Did you know that vaccines reduce the spread of infectious disease and even get rid of some completely?
  • When enough people get vaccinated, it’s harder for a disease to spread to those who can’t have vaccines.
  • Getting vaccinated protects not only you but also your family, friends and community.
  • Vaccines are made to prevent people from getting serious infectious diseases. It’s much safer for your immune system to learn to fight illness through vaccination than by catching and treating them.

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