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Speech and Language Therapy - Children (Richmond)

What we do: 

Speech & Language Therapy provides services for children and young people in the borough of Richmond in order to enhance the development of the speech, language and communication of all children and offer assessment and input for children and young people who are having difficulties with: 

  • Attention and listening
  • understanding spoken/signed language
  • communicating verbally using sentences and vocabulary appropriate for their age
  • Using speech sounds appropriate for their age
  • Social interaction and play
  • Stammering
  • Voice production
  • Feeding and swallowing  

Our service aims to:  

  • provide information, assessment, advice and treatment for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)
  • provide information, assessment and management of feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • provide training and support for families and other people involved in the care of those with SLCN
  • provide training for professionals who work with children and young people with SLCN
  • carry out universal and targeted  support in the community to prevent or reduce communication difficulties from developing
  • participate in research and development and student therapist training  

Our service is delivered in different settings including clinics, children’s centres, special schools and units and mainstream primary and secondary schools. 

We work closely with other professionals in health, education and social care as well as with voluntary and charitable organisations in order to deliver an integrated service.  

What is speech and language therapy like? 

Therapy input will always include offering advice and recommendations regarding how to support the development of the child’s speech language and communication skills both within the home and in the school.  This may include making small adjustments to the way you communicate and interact with the child as well as of adjusting the language and learning environment. 

When we work directly with young children, our activities are play-based. We aim for children to learn through playing and having fun. We use toys, pictures, books and whatever else will interest the child in order to get maximum attention and maximise outcomes. 

When we work with older children and young people, we still aim to keep activities fun and relaxed but sometimes there will be a greater element of more formal teaching involved. 

We work in partnership with parents; teachers and other professionals involved with the child or young person and offer a range of training in a variety of settings as well as part of the Borough Workforce Development Programme.  Support from parents and teachers in order to practice new skills at home and integrate targets into the classroom are key to all children and young people’s progress.

Contact details:Contact details:

Speech and Language Therapy Department
Teddington Health & Social Care Centre
18 Queen’s Road
Teddington, Middx.
TW11 0LR 

Children's SLT services manager - Claire Schneider. Tel: 020 8614 5331                                   

General enquiries / administration hub:  020 8973 3480

Telephone advice line, Tel: 020 8973 3512  

The Telephone Advice Line is a quick way to access our service for advice/information on anything to do with your children’s speech, language and communication development. It provides the opportunity to ask a qualified speech and language therapist questions about your child’s talking, understanding, concentration and any other issues you may have. No referral is necessary although the therapist may feel following her discussion with you that a referral into the service is indicated. Just call the above number and leave a message for a therapist to call you back. 

Opening times:

Clinics operate during office hours, and there is an answer phone to leave a message.  Our speech and language therapists work across different clinics and settings in Richmond so are not in the same place all the time.  Please bear this in mind when leaving messages at a specific location.

Referral information

Speech and Language Therapy has an open referral system. Anyone - for example parents via Telephone Advice Line, health visitors, school nurses, GPs, schools, nursery or children’s centre staff - can refer a child or young person for assessment, including the young person themselves, if aged 14 or over.

Written consent from the main care giver is required before the child or young person can be referred and seen (except in the rare case of a self-referring young person aged 14+). 

Meet the team 

  • Clinical Service Manager SLT – Claire Schneider 020 8614 5331
  • Vanessa Gordon - Pre-school Team Leader 020 8614 5333
  • Josey Paget - Secondary school Team Leader  020 8614 5333
  • Emma Machin - Primary School Team Leader 020 8614 5333

The Richmond Speech and Language Therapy Service is made up of four teams:  Pre-School Team, Mainstream Primary Team, Mainstream Secondary Team and Special Schools and Units Team.


Members of the Richmond Speech and Language Therapy - paediatric team (preschool)

Pre-School Team

Therapists in this team work with pre-school children with a range of speech language, feeding and social communication difficulties with associated concerns regarding their attention and listening skills and learning. Therapists work, children centres, health centres and in the home as appropriate as well as input into nurseries. Some of our services, like the Telephone Advice Line and Communic8 Services in Children’s Centres, can be accessed without a referral.

Members of the Richmond Speech and Language Therapy team (Mainstream Primary Schools)

Mainstream Primary Schools

Mainstream therapists provide a service to all primary schools within the London Borough of Richmond. A consultative service is provided to children with statements of special educational needs and an assessment, advice and monitoring service for all other children. Therapists work with children individually and teaching staff in groups  in the classroom, liaising closely with teaching staff to support and reinforce targets and throughout the school day provide programmes and training for school staff.

Members of the Richmond Speech and Language Therapy service - mainstream secondary service team

Mainstream Secondary Schools

Mainstream therapists work with staff and students in secondary schools using a similar model as for Primary schools.



Members of the Richmond Speech and Language Therapy Service - special schools units team

Special Schools and Units

Team Leader - Louise Cameron. Tel: 020 8948 0047

Therapists work in a range of specialist provisions across the borough delivering group and individual input to children and young people and training for school staff.