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Children’s Physiotherapy (Richmond)

Children’s physiotherapy provides services for children and young people who are referred with conditions which limit physical ability.

We aim to provide timely and responsive access to physiotherapeutic intervention to enable children or young people to achieve their maximal potential for independence and opportunities for life chances.

All interventions are carried out respecting the wishes and feelings of the child or young person and in the context of the family, home, recreational and educational setting.

Interventions may include:

  • Neurodevelopmental / physiotherapeutic handling and exercise.

  • Provision of home, nursery and school exercise and activity programmes.

  • Prescription / provision and monitoring of equipment and Orthoses e.g. foot splints, to ensure proactive approach to mobility and postural management.

  • Education / training to carers to ensure understanding of and the integration of principals of physiotherapy into all relevant aspects of the child’s life. Carers include guardians, parents / family, nursery school and college support and teaching staff.

  • Risk Assessment for all areas of life where the physiotherapist has responsibility for the physical management of the child.

Our service aims to:

  • To provide initial and ongoing assessment to identify immediate physiotherapy intervention needs and early risk factors which may limit physical development in the future.

  • To provide physiotherapy interventions in accordance with best practice and professional standards that results in improved physical movement.

We work with other professionals in health, education and social care services as well as with voluntary and charitable organisations.

Contact the Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services

Service base:

Ham Clinic
Ashburnham Road
TW10 7NF

General enquiries/administration hub: 0208 973 3480

Opening times: 

Clinics operate during office hours and there is an answer phone to leave a message.  Our Physiotherapists work across different clinics and settings in Richmond on different days, so are not in the same place all the time.  Please bear this in mind when leaving messages. 

  • The service accepts referrals from other healthcare professionals.
  • The child must have a Richmond GP.
  • Written consent from the main care giver is required before the child or young person can be seen.

Please email referrals to HRCH.Childrens-Therapies@nhs.net or fax to 020 8630 3354.

  • Linda Hagan – Children’s Specialist & Therapies Services Manager 
  • Claire Schneider - Clinical Service Manager for Children’s Therapies (Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy) 
  • Monica Samuel – Interim Team Leader and Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Sally Jackson – Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Jenna Cunningham – Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Sasha Lewis – Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Hafsa Dar - Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Julie Knox - Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist 
  • Christina Ovenden - Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
  • Sophie Pitfield – Therapy Assistant 


Our team covers the following service areas:

Special Schools and Pre-School children

Contact Sally Jackson on 0208 891 8130

Mainstream school children/young people

Contact Monica Samuel on 0208 891 8130

Orthotics Clinic (this is a joint clinic with our Orthotic colleagues at Queen Mary’s hospital)

Contact Sasha Lewis on 0208 891 8130

Musculoskeletal Service and Aquatic therapy (formerly known as hydrotherapy)

Contact Jenna Cunningham on 0208 891 8130