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Children's Occupational Therapy (Richmond)

An occupational therapist working with a child

Occupational therapy provides services for children and young people who are experiencing functional difficulties at school, at home and/or at play. Therapy aims to enable children to improve their ability to function within their everyday lives, to access the national curriculum more effectively and to reduce difficulties associated with an inability to carry out everyday tasks at home, school and play.

Our service aims to:   

Promote, develop and provide high quality, efficient, effective, accessible, family-orientated occupational therapy service for children in the community. All interventions are carried out respecting the wishes and feelings of the child or young person and in the context of the family, home, recreational and educational setting.

Interventions may include:

  • Exploration/assessment of the reasons behind the children’s functional difficulties

  • Advice or therapy to enable the child to work and play to the best of their ability

  • Liaison with parents/carers and other professionals regarding support and progress of the child.                 

Education/training to carers to ensure understanding of and the integration of principals of Occupational Therapy into all relevant aspects of the child’s life.  

A children's occupational therapist with a child

Contact the Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services:


Ham Clinic
Ashburnham Road
TW10 7NF

General enquiries/administration hub:  0208 973 3480

Opening times: 

Clinics operate during office hours. There is an answerphone service for messages to be left; these are picked up on a daily basis.

It should be noted that staff have a clinical caseload and therefore may not respond to messages left on the same day, however will endeavour to get back to you within 48hrs.

  • The service has a two path referral system.  All referrals need to have clear functional concerns.  Referrals without functional concerns will be declined back to referrer.
    • Advice: parents can contact the service directly and speak to a therapist who will then triage into an appropriate clinic.  This will normally be for an hours one off advice appointment.
    • Assessment:  A health or education professional must refer using the appropriate referral forms, the child will then be triaged into our assessment clinic as required.
  • The child must have a Richmond GP.


Written consent from the main care giver is required before the child or young person can be seen.
  • Linda Hagan – Specialist Service Manager

  • Claire Schneider- Clinical Service Manager 
  • Charlotte Flack – Team leader and Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist