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Our strategy:

The trust's core staff values: Care, Respect and Communication

We undertook a consultation with our staff, stakeholders and local people to look at our mission, vision and values that we will focus on over coming years.

Our mission and vision statements articulate the essence of our trust's beliefs and values - and ultimately the goals that we aim to achieve as an organisation.

Our mission (what we are here for)

To provide care and services that we and our families would want to use.

Our vision (what we aspire to be) 

Enabling people to live healthier and more independent lives through high quality seamless care.

Our values (what is important to us)

Our set of core staff values were developed with our staff, key stakeholders and the local community across Hounslow and Richmond:

  • Care: High quality, safe care with compassion
  • Respect: Dignity and respect to patients and colleagues
  • Communication: Listening and communicating clearly

Strategic goals and quality objectives

Each year, we set a number of strategic goals and quality objectives to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of care for local people and patients.  You can find out more about our strategic goals and quality objectives by clicking on the links below: 

A roadmap representing our trust's strategy