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Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare
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About us

We are the NHS trust responsible for providing community health services for the 441,000 people living in the London boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames.  

What we do

Community healthcare covers most of the services that are provided outside of hospital or GP surgeries. We are passionate about delivering high quality care and provide a range of services for both adults and children including community nursing, health visiting, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, health promotion and stop smoking services, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.  We also provide some specialist services such as audiology, neuro-rehabilitation, continence services and continuing care.

Some of our services such as the walk-in centre at Teddington Memorial Hospital and the Hounslow Urgent Care Centre attract patients from nearby boroughs and we also run services further afield such as the Ealing Healthy Lifestyles Programme.

Our strategy

We have an important role in enabling people to stay healthy and active and in preventing them from spending unnecessary time in hospital.  We see ourselves as part of integrated health and social care systems in Hounslow and Richmond.  You can read more here about our four areas of focus.  We are also investigating options to integrate adult health and social care services.  You can read about our plans for integration here.  

Our staff

We employ over 1,000 staff, the majority of which are clinicians including nurses and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dietitians, podiatrists and occupational therapists.

Our income

We receive most of our income from our main commissioners, Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group and Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group, who commission our services based on the needs of each borough's population.  Our income for 2012/13 is approximately £54m.

Our history and future plans

We were formed on 1 April 2011 following the merger of community health services in Hounslow and Richmond.  These services were previously run by NHS Hounslow and NHS Richmond. You can read more about the merger in the our history section.

Becoming an NHS trust is the first step in the process to become a foundation trust.  You can read more about our plans to become an NHS foundation trust here.   

One of our Stop Smoking Specialists checks the carbon monoxide levels of a newly smoke free client
Walk-in Centre nurse with patient
Photo of Newborn Hearing Screener at West Middlesex University Hospital